Monthly Skincare Favorites | August 2020 | Skincare & Haircare Reviews

Monthly Skincare Favorites | August 2020 | Skincare & Haircare Reviews

Summer flew by so quickly this year. Actually the year itself is flying by so quickly. But let’s not talk about that right now.
Well it’s almost end of September already and I know I’m running late but I believe in “Better late than never”. So I’m going to share some skincare favorites that I have been using and enjoying this August. Here we go :- 😊

1. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleanser ❤

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel

I have liked Neutrogena always, I have been using this cleanser since past 2 months which I feel is enough time for a cleanser to be either liked or disliked and in this case it’s so much liked that it made it’s place on my monthly favorite list. The cleanser is a water-gel consistency and it comes in a pump which is nice. It has hyaluronic acid in it, a humectant (ingredients that draws and retains moisture into the skin).
The cleanser foams up a little but it doesn’t leave the skin dry. Skin feels smooth and clean, it can be used to remove waterproof sunscreen. I would not say that it takes away all the makeup so use it as a second cleanser and not as a makeup remover. Very affordable and easily available at almost all the drugstores.

2. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1% Serum ❤

The Ordinary Niacinamide plus Zinc Serum

I have already shared a review post of this product on my website. This serum has helped my skin so much with the pores and dryness. Niacinamide as we know has so many skin friendly benefits. This serum with niacinamide combined with zinc works very well for acne and pores and inflamed skin. I love ordinary products and I have been using this serum for a long time and have seen visible results. See full review of the product here.

3. Fresh Rose Face Mask ❤

Fresh Rose Face Mask

I absolutely love Fresh brand, I haven’t found a product from the brand yet that I don’t like. It seems this mask is going to be in all monthly favorites 😜. This gel based mask has real rose petals in it, isn’t it lovely. It’s super cooling and hydrating. The mask does have a strong rose scent which I don’t mind at all. It feels like a spa whenever I apply this mask.
All the hydrating ingredients like Rose water, Cucumber extracts and Aloe Vera gel makes the skin supple and nourished. It was my favorite this summer. Check out the full review of the mask here.

4. Neogen Daylight Sunscreen SPF 50/PA+++ ❤

Neogen Dermalogy Daylight Sunscreen

Now, I’m very particular about wearing sunscreen and I believe this habit has kept my skin healthy. Even when I didn’t go out that much during this summer I still wore a sunscreen as a part of my skincare step. I got this Neogen sunscreen around 2 months ago and gave it a good try before sharing my views on it. And as a result I loved it, I love the way it sits on my skin, it’s hydrating and there is absolutely no white cast and as a woman of color that is important to me. It might be a bit heavy for people with oily skin but for dry skin it’s really good. Plus you get a solid sun protection of SPF 50 and PA+++. Check out the full review of the sunscreen here.

5. Oribe Foundation Mist ❤

Oribe Foundation Mist leave in spray conditioner

I have very frizzy and dry hair, also I live is Colorado which is already so dry that it makes my hair worse. My hair is also very fine and a lot of hair products weighs my hair down. I was introduced to this leave in conditioning spray by my hair stylist. It’s so lightweight that it doesn’t even feel like an extra product on my hair. After the wash, I apply it on damp hair and then let my hair air dry. It has helped me drastically with the frizz. My hair behaves well and feels smooth after using it. It is one of the product that should be included in every months list since I’m using it for last 2 years and loved it since then. I have shared a detailed review of this product on my website.

6. Reusable cotton rounds from Amazon ❤

Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds

Last but not the least are these Organic Cotton Rounds I bought from Amazon. Whenever I can, I try to be sustainable and do something good for the environment. So, I looked for alternatives to my disposable cotton pads and I found these on Amazon. I have been using them for quite sometime and they haven’t gone rough or something. They are soft, reusable and of course eco-friendly. I got the black ones so that I don’t have to worry about them getting stained with the makeup. These cotton rounds comes in a set of 24 rounds, it comes with a laundry bag. So whenever you want to wash them, just throw them in the bag it comes with and put it into the washer. I prefer to wash them with my delicates on a gentle cycle. It’s impressive that even after so many washes they are still soft.

Share your thoughts :-

So that was my favorites for the month of August. I would be posting September favorites soon, hopefully I won’t be late for that 😜. But let me know in the comment section below if you spot any favorites from my list. Also share your August favorites, I’m always curious about this stuff.

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I’ll be back with another post, until then keep pampering yourself, you’re worth it…!!!

Note :- This is a non-sponsored review post. I bought all these products on my own and I’m sharing this review based on my personal experience of the products.

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