Kora Organics Turmeric Mask Review 2021 | Your at home facial

Kora Organics Turmeric Mask Review 2021 | Your at home facial

Let’s talk Kora Organics. I adore Miranda Kerr and I was pretty excited about the brand, so I grabbed a few products. I have been testing these products for last six months. Now, I feel it is a good time to share a review.

Today’s review is going to be all about their Turmeric Brightening and Exfoliating Mask. Reviews for other products will be coming out soon.

Now, these days so many celebrities and supermodels are coming up with their own beauty brands and it’s overwhelming because when we think celebrity brand, we do expect the products to do something magical. Similarly, with Kora Organics, whatever I expected got delivered to some point if not a 100%. You have to wait for products that did not live up to expectations in the next post. We’ll stick to the Turmeric Mask for now.

About the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask and its Claims :-

So it’s an exfoliating and brightening wash off mask. The product says “A certified organic mask that delivers the power of an invigorating facial treatment at home using rosehip seeds to polish and BHA enzymes to detox and refine the complexion.”
Personally speaking, I bought it because of Turmeric in it. Yes, I have expressed it earlier and I won’t shy away from saying it again that I love turmeric in my skincare. It’s one of those ingredients that I know will work for my skin to brighten it up.

Kora Organics Turmeric Mask
Kora Organics Turmeric Mask

About the Ingredients of the Mask :-

Let’s talk a bit about the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask Ingredients.

One key ingredient is Papaya enzymes, which has gentle exfoliating properties. It brightens the skin by removing dead cells from the surface layer of the skin.
Another ingredient is Aspen Bark, which is a natural source of BHA that cleans the pores and goes deeper into the skin to control excess sebum production.
Rosehip seeds and Quartz polishes the skin to give you smoother skin texture.
Turmeric, as we all know has anti-inflammatory properties. It also brightens the skin and soothes any irritation. It also helps protects the skin from free radical damage.
Peppermint essential oil gives you a refreshed feeling.
So overall, it’s so many amazing ingredients to give you a brighter and smoother skin.

See full ingredient list here on their website.

About the Texture and Scent of the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask :-

The texture of the mask feels like a thick scrub and it’s not yellow as one would have expected because of the turmeric in it. It’s a not pretty brown colored mask 😜 for best comparison I’m gonna say yes it’s a poop colored mask 🤣. Texture is thick and gritty, you can feel the granules which I assume is the Rosehip seed powder.

One thing that I did not like about the mask is the scent. It has a really strong scent from the Peppermint Oil. Luckily, my skin is not sensitive to fragrance in skincare but my Nose is 😜. Very first time I used it, I sneezed a lot of times, but then later me and my nose got used to the scent.

Kora Organics Turmeric BHA Brightening Treatment Mask
Kora Organics Turmeric BHA Brightening Treatment Mask

My experience and Does it do what it claims?

Well, the brightening effects the mask claims is for real. It instantly brightens the skin. It actually works really great as a 10 minute instant at home facial just like Miranda herself explains the mask.
With consistent use of once or sometime twice every week, In almost a month I noticed the pigmentation from some of my acne scars less noticeable and the overall texture of the skin getting smoother.

It’s a chemical exfoliating mask and it does takes time to work and see the visible results but I can honestly say it works. The mask is far less drying than clay masks, you’ll not notice you have the mask on even if it’s dry. It does not irritates the skin or strip the skin from it’s natural moisture. However, I’m not sure how it will work for people for sensitive skin since it has a pretty strong scent in it.

How to Use the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask :-

As suggested you have to apply it on damp skin, avoiding the eye area and leave it on for 5 to 15 minutes. Wash off with water by gently massaging it in circular motions. If you have sensitive skin, you should probably avoid massaging the mask since the granules can be pretty harsh.
Start slow by using it once or twice a week, till your skin gets used to the chemical and physical exfoliation the mask offers.

Proceed with your normal routine, avoid using other chemical exfoliants in the same routine. Focus on hydration and always wear a sunscreen.

Patch test any new product you’re introducing in your routine. You never know how your skin is gonna act.
Consult your esthetician first if you have an existing skin condition or any sort of skin allergies.

Where to buy the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask :-

I bought mine from Sephora. It’s one of the Clean Beauty brand featured at Sephora. You can also buy it from Kora Organics Website . It retails for $48 for 100ml tube and you can get a mini size to try for $16 for 30ml tube. Since you’re going to use it for few times a week, even the mini size goes a long way.

Overall Conclusion :-

If you overcome the strong scent and unpleasant color of the mask, it’s a really good exfoliating mask. I use the Drunk Elephant Baby Facial every week which is pretty intense for a chemical exfoliation. I use the Kora Organics masks in between my other mask as a maintenance mask. Also whenever I need an instant brightening facial.

While, I don’t have Miranda Kerr’s skin yet 😜 I’m enjoying the brightening pick me ups and smoother skin.

Share your thoughts :-

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I’ll be back with another post, until then keep pampering yourself, you’re worth it…!!!

Note :- This is a non-sponsored review post. I bought this product on my own and I’m sharing this review based on my personal experience of the product.

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